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Tour Girls In The 23rd Century
One of V. L. Dreyer’s earliest works, Tour Girls In The 23rd Century is a light-hearted science fiction graphic novel about the comic misadventures of a pair of tour guides who become lost in the 23rd century.

Will they ever get home? Maybe, but not any time soon. Tour Girls In The 23rd Century has been suspended indefinitely pending re-release as a full-colour graphic novel.

All pages released so far are currently available for free on Comic Genesis.

Series:  Tour Girls In The 23rd Century

Issue:   #1:  Redux

Pages:  36

Print Version:  OUT OF PRINT


Description:  The adventure begins, when Kiwi tour guides Milla Monda and Jax Doe are hurtled through a mysterious portal into a strange land where nothing is as it seems!

Available free on Comic Genesis