Cheeky Kea Creations Ltd

Cheeky Kea Creations Ltd (CKC Ltd)

is the multi-purpose imprint label of author/artist V. L. Dreyer.  It is divided into the following sub-brands:title-bg

Cheeky Kea Printworks (CKP)

CKP is the print label responsible for all written works by the author V. L. Dreyer, and her pen name, Abigail Hawk.  This includes the International Best-Selling Series, The Survivors, and the paranormal romance series, The Immortelle.

Cheeky Kea Treasures (CKT)

CKT is the creative label used on all jewellery items created by V. L. Dreyer, and any similar items.  Until the CKT web-store is complete, all items can be viewed on the Cheeky Kea Facebook Page (Click Here).

Cheeky Kea Mediaworks (CKM)

CKM represents all commercial photography by V. L. Dreyer, including both stock photography, video works, and portraiture.

Cheeky Kea Artworks (CKA)

CKA covers V. L. Dreyer’s general artistic ventures not covered by one of the other sub-brands.  This includes her sketches, graphic novels, and digital paintings.

Cheeky Kea Freelance (CKF)

CKF covers all freelance work that V. L. Dreyer does.  This includes formatting eBooks and print books, commissioned artwork, web design, and whatever else takes her fancy.