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I have been invited by an author friend of mine, Paula Shene, to contribute to the Writing Process Blog Tour.  Since many of my readers have expressed an interest in my process, it seems like a fun break from working on the next Survivors book, so here we go!

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Question One:  What Am I Working On?

Well, as you’ve probably guessed, I’m currently working on The Survivors Book III: Winter.  I must admit that I never expected The Survivors to be this popular.  I’m still a little shocked.  It’s really exploded in the seven months since the release of the first book.  The good news is, with copies of both the eBook and the paperback flying off the shelves, I’m now more resolute than ever that I will finish the next book on time.

Once I’ve finished Book III (and hopefully Book IV, the final book in the quadrilogy), I plan to turn my attention to the Immortelle books for a while.  I can’t talk about what’s happening there just yet, but I can say that it’s very, very exciting!

Question Two:  How Does My Work  Differ From Others Of My Genre?

My work differs in a bunch of ways, some big, some small.  When I went into The Survivors, I went into it planning to write a post-apocalyptic romance novel.  That was what I wanted to read, but I couldn’t find anything I liked.

Obviously, things didn’t quite turn out the way I planned.

Mistress Holly, my beloved editominatrix, managed to whip the “romance novel” elements right out of it.  Once that was gone, it did leave behind a few traits that make it different from the traditional zombie apocalypse novel, but I think those differences are what make it appeal to so many different people.
  1. When you get down to it, the story isn’t even about the zombies.  The zombies are just part of the landscape, like the trees, the weather, and the buildings.  The story is about the characters.  At its heart (pun fully intended), The Survivors is very much a love story.
  2. It’s set in New Zealand.  Not just in the country, but in the very heart of the Kiwi culture.  Many – dare I say, most – apocalyptic novels are set in America.  There are so many differences between our cultures that it wouldn’t be possible to pick up the story and transplant it onto American soil without losing the very essence of what makes it unique.
  3. I write with all five senses, which I’ve been told is quite rare.  Not only will I describe what my characters are seeing and hearing, but what they hear, smell, feel, and even taste.  As someone who is hearing-impaired, it comes to me so naturally.  I wasn’t even aware that I was doing it until my readers commented on it.

Question Three:  Why do I Write What I Do?

Simply put, I write what I like to read.  If I can’t find a story that matches what I feel like reading on any given day, then I’ll write it.  My favourite genres are post-apocalyptic, science fiction, and paranormal erotica (but no vampires!).  Sometimes, I’ll read fantasy, but I’m insanely picky about what I like in that genre.  Raymond Feist’s earlier works are the only ones I really like.

The reason I started writing in post-apocalyptic is because I’ve read so many books that all focus on the events that take place during the disaster that ends the world.  There’s nothing wrong with that, but it gets tedious after a while.  I decided that I wanted to think about what happens later on, both to the world and to the people that survive within it.  I also wanted to steer away from the excessive violence that is so common in those novels, and explore the emotional fallout those poor people would have to go through.  One thing led to another, and then The Survivors was born.

I started writing the Immortelle series because I hate vampires.  Please don’t kill me!  I just don’t find anything erotic about ice-cold walking corpses.  Werewolves are okay, but… it felt strange.  I wanted to explore something totally new, something completely devoid of most of the elements common to the paranormal erotica genre.  Look, I’ll be honest.  I’m a human being, just like you, and I get frustrated when I can’t find the porn I want to read, okay?!  Don’t we all?  Yes, I think we do.

Question Four:  How Does My Writing Process Work?

I’d be lying if I said that I actually had a writing process.  I just write, and stories come out.  I’m what’s called an “organic writer” (or a pantser, someone who writes by the seat of their pants), which means that I treat the whole writing process like an art rather than like a science.  I plan very little when I go into a writing process.  Mostly, I just choose a subject that I want to explore, and build the story around that.

Of course, being an organic writer means that I do go through a lot of rewrites.  The Survivors Book I: Summer went through about eight or ten.  I don’t mind, because I know that my method works in the end.  Some writers do plan out every word that they write in advance, but I can’t do that.  If I know where a story is going, then I tend to lose interest.

And that’s it for me!  If you’re curious to hear from some other writers around the world, then follow the links below for their contribution to the Writing Process Blog Tour.

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Born near St. Louis, Missouri, Kristi moved with her family to Oregon when she was 7. She wrote her first complete fiction novel in the 8th grade, and dreamed of getting published. Then life happened and she entered the work force. When she left Portland for life in a smaller town, she ended up as a shipping coordinator at a local blueberry nursery. While working there, she met her husband, started a trucking company, and ultimately left the office to drive over the road with him. On the road, she rediscovered her love for writing, and knuckled down to complete her first self-published novel, a romantic suspense: “Knight Before Dawn.” Her second novel, “Blinding Justice” (a suspense with a dash of romance) was released in April, 2013. She also does freelance proofreading for fellow indie authors.

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