The Survivors is the adventurous and devastatingly emotional first series by science fiction author, V. L. Dreyer. Set in rural New Zealand, ten years after a viral apocalypse wiped out the vast majority of Earth’s population, it follows the very human struggles of a small group of people as they work to rebuild in the ashes of our old world. 

The series comprises of four novels and a handful of associated novellas and short stories. Recommended reading order as follows:

  • The Survivors Book I - IV sequential, and should be read in order. 
  • The Survivors: In A Heartbeat is a short story covering events that took place off-camera during Book I. It can be read any time after Book I.
  • The Survivors: Enigma is a non-canonical, non-sequential alternate history novella, which explores what life might have been like for the characters in the series if the plague hadn’t happened. It can be read at any point or even completely separate from the series, but would be most enjoyable if read after completing the main series.

Ms. Dreyer has expressed an interest in returning to the world some day, whether it’s with additional stories around the existing characters, stories set elsewhere in the world, or perhaps even a graphic novel or TV series. But, writing The Survivors took a serious toll on her physical and emotional health, so at the moment there are no formal plans in place, and she’s focusing on more light-hearted projects. 

Cover Art

The Survivors was originally released with the soft, dreamy watercolour-style digital artwork of Alais LeGrand on the cover. Later, the series was re-released with the more intense photo-realistic artwork of Rebecca Frank. Both covers are still available for purchase.

Classic Covers - By Alais LeGrand

Modern Covers - By Rebecca Frank

Heroic Edition

The Survivors: Heroic Edition is a combined edition released after the series was completed, gathering the four books from the main series into a single, gigantic book, perfect for binge readers. Grab your copy today!