The Survivors Book IV: Spring now available!

That’s right!  After two years of anticipation, you can finally read the climax to The Survivors, and find out which of your favourite characters are going to get their Happily Ever After, and which ones aren’t.  Quick, go grab it while it’s hot!


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Also, to celebrate the release, The Survivors Book I: Summer is on sale for just 99c for the next two days.  If you haven’t started reading it yet, or you want to convince someone else to join your addiction, now’s the time!  The sale applies to all distribution channels.

The Survivors Book IV - Both

Gremlins In The Website Again

As the subject suggests, there has been a rather nasty infestation of gremlins in the website for some time, which I’ve only just become aware of.  After much hunting and screaming and flipping of tables, I’ve eradicated them.  However, if you’ve tried to contact me via the contact form and never heard back from me, it’s safe to say the gremlins ate it.  I always reply to my emails within 24 hours unless I am dead or out of town, so if you haven’t heard back from me please try again.  I wasn’t ignoring you, promise!  I’m just… bad at running a website, apparently.

The Survivors Book IV: Spring – Pre-orders Now Open!

They’ve actually been open for more than a week now, but I have been so frantic with editing that I forgot to post about it.  So, I’m posting now!  Quick, go pre-order your copy before stocks run out!  Stocks can’t actually run out, but I’ve been told I need to use lots of imperatives in my marketing.  Consider yourselves imperatived!  Hah!

…Imperilated?  Imperitated?  Gah!   It’s too hot for spelling!  Good thing I’m on a break from editing while Holly does her bit, or I’d be useless for anything.

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The Immortality Clause now available… again!

That’s right, it’s BACK and better than ever!  Holly and I have both given it a thorough buff and polish, not to mention a sexy new cover by Nathie Block.  If you’ve already purchased the eBook then you should be able to just download the updated version, otherwise it’s currently for sale on Kindle and Smashwords.  More vendors coming as they finish gestating!  Watch that sidebar –>