At First Blush Now Available!

At long last, after a few years of fussing, editing, several new covers, and a whole lot of soul searching, At First Blush is now available to the public again. This one is particularly close to my heart, so I hope you all enjoy it. Grab your copy today!

Spicy Edition

Sweet Edition

The Survivors heading back to the extended distribution channels!

If you’ve visited the website in the last few weeks, you may have stumbled across me elbows-deep in the code working on something. Well, that something is now more or less complete! I’ve rebuilt the bookstore on the side bar to your right, and it is rather pretty if I do say so myself. I’ll be working on making it a mobile-friendly over the next few days, so in the meantime I apologise if you stumble into a deep, dark pit. My bad!

In other, more important news, The Survivors has come out of its latest exclusivity period with Amazon, and due to a significant drop in borrows on Kindle Unlimited (which is the only real reason to keep a book Amazon exclusive) I’ve decided to spread the story out across all the markets.  Take a look at the new bookstore, and you’ll see just how wide the availability net is going to be!

Please note that not all of the markets have the books available due to processing times and the holidays, but they have been submitted and I’ll be updating the links as and when I can.  If you want to know when a particular vendor has them available, join my Facebook Group.


The Survivors: Heroic Edition now available!


Quiet author has been very, very quiet, but I’ve got something sort of new for those who have been waiting a very long time to get it: The Survivors: Heroic Edition!

Heroic Edition contains all four books in one big chunk of text at a discounted price.  There’s no new content except the cover, so please don’t be concerned if you’ve already bought the books.  You won’t get anything new here, just the chance to revisit old friends in one whopping great hunk of text.  Man, the paperback is going to be HUGE!

eBook available now on Kindle, paperback coming in a week or so once I’ve had a chance to get my proof copy and… uh… make sure it’s not going to collapse under the weight of its own spine.  Seriously.  I crammed four 400 page books into one, it’s a legitimate concern!


The Survivors Book IV: Spring now available!

That’s right!  After two years of anticipation, you can finally read the climax to The Survivors, and find out which of your favourite characters are going to get their Happily Ever After, and which ones aren’t.  Quick, go grab it while it’s hot!


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Also, to celebrate the release, The Survivors Book I: Summer is on sale for just 99c for the next two days.  If you haven’t started reading it yet, or you want to convince someone else to join your addiction, now’s the time!  The sale applies to all distribution channels.

The Survivors Book IV - Both